Introducing the Health Gap

Last week at the MIT’s Center for Civic Media Conference, the journo-prorammer Ali Hashmi and I presented a project we have been working on called Health Gap. Basically, it’s a tool that uses Big Data to help health/science journalists see the blind spots and gaps in their coverage. You can see the prototype here.

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I’m elated to share some good news: I’ll be heading to Vox to work as a health reporter. Vox is a new media start-up with a mission I firmly believe in: explaining the news. Their emphasis on context overlapped very neatly with the work I was doing at Science-ish, and I’m eager to figure out new…
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More on the Tamiflu file

As you probably know, Tamiflu is making headlines again, this time because of new systematic reviews about the drug that once again question its effectiveness. The BMJ has done an awesome job of cataloguing news related to Tamiflu, and I wrote a feature for them looking at the road to open data in clinical trials research….
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Do celebrities do harm with their medical advice?

McMaster organized an impressive panel of health thinkers that I’ll be moderating. See info here (and below) and make sure to come and join us! ‘Do celebrities do more good than harm with their medical advice?’ Julia Belluz, who writes the popular Maclean’s/Medical Post column Science-ish, will moderate this debate about the pros and cons…
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