In Finland for the World Conference of Science Journalists

Later this month, I’ll be moderating a panel at the World Science Journalism Conference in Finland. If you happen to be in Helsinki, do say hello.

From “the top ten foods to bust belly fat” to “asteroid hurtling towards earth”, many news stories about science or health contain factual errors. In many newsrooms across many countries, health and science reporters have been cut from staffs and the accuracy, balance and completeness of reporting has suffered. Even specialised science journalists sometimes get it wrong, short on time to check their work.

Watchdog blogs have come to the rescue, trying to right the wrongs in science stories. The Knight Science Journalism Tracker – run by a team of seasoned science journalists – has critiqued thousands of news stories since it launched in 2006., written not only by science journalists but also by health professionals and researchers, aims to improve the public dialogue about health by helping consumers critically analyze claims about health interventions in the media. News Checkers is a Dutch blog run by journalism students who check the facts in science news stories. They also follow up with the journalists who wrote them, as does HealthNewsReview.

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